Go all over the world at home

  • Promote in Scenic Sports

    Immerse you in scenic sports
    conducive to promotion

  • Service Upgrade

    To provide visitors with more scenic services

  • Growth Revenue

    Ticket sales, a variety of revenue models


An immersive experience

  • Movie Promotion

    Promotion by go inside the trailer

  • New Experience

    360 view, greater viewing feelings


Lively earning environment

  • Vivid and Visual

    Things can be shown vividly and directly

  • Deep and Interesting

    New learning experience, deep and interesting


Let you confine self within doors inspecting all properties

  • Whenever and Wherever

    Break through the restrictions of time and space

  • Outpace the real

    Beyond the limit of time and space, feel the real

  • Custom Decoration

    What you see is what you get

  • Roaming Experience

  • Layout

  • Landscape

  • Environmental Planning

VRLive Show

Be Immersed

  • 360 Viewing

    as in shows Real-time Interaction

  • Real-time Interaction

    G into the lives

  • More Audiences

    Attract more audiences to increase sales